How we work

At Family Services Australia we are committed to working with children, young people and their families in an environment of trust and respect. We want to empower families to be the very best that they can be as we focus on strengths and competencies. Families are encouraged and supported to make informed decisions and to take an active role in the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of services.

father's hand holds a palm of his wife and daughter

We are committed to working collaboratively with other government and non-government agencies to ensure greater safety and well-being for children and young people and to enhance opportunities for families to experience positive connections.

We understand that many of the people who seek to be supported by our services have experienced complex relational trauma. Our work is grounded in an understanding of the biological, psychological, neurological, social and interpersonal effects of trauma on the developing child as well as the parent’s current and historical experiences. (Bloom, 1997)

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