Program Partners

Our partners in the local community also offer a wide variety of group programs to meet the needs of families.


Parenting groups currently available from a range of agencies are listed below.

Toddlers (Pre-Schoolers)Location Group Provider
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)Contact for SessionsSalvation Army
0411 143 586
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)Contact for SessionsBarnardos South Coast
4275 8575
Children (2 to 12 Years)Location Group Provider
123 Magic & Emotion CoachingBellambi and WollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122
Keeping Kids in Mind (Post-Separation)WollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122
Bringing up Great Kids (Parents of children 5-12 Years)WollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122
Rollercoasters (Children 8-12 Years)WollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122
Children (12 to 18 Years)Location Group Provider
My Kids and Me (Children Removed)WollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122
Bringing Up Great TeensWollongongCatholicCare
4227 1122


Local SaCC facilitators, schools and interagency partners plan and develop initiatives for young children 0-8 years, families and members of local communities. Participating schools are Albion Park Rail Public School, Farmborough Road Public School, Berkeley, Berkeley West and Berkeley South Public Schools.