Women’s Healthy Relationships Group

The Women’s Healthy Relationships Group runs over an 8 week period for 2 hours per week. The content of the group work is to explore issues relating to domestic violence. It includes interactive discussions and activities.

The focus is to increase the women’s knowledge of what a healthy relationship is and provide them with skills and information to better strengthen themselves and their families. Particular attention is given to the impact of domestic violence on women and children and especially how children may respond to ongoing trauma in their life.

Women are asked to participate in a pre-group assessment where they are assessed as to their suitability for the program and whether they feel it is the right group for them.

By the end of the program participants:

  • Will have a greater understanding of what domestic violence is and how it works
  • Will be more aware of how domestic violence affects them and their children
  • Will have a greater understanding of ways to recognise and develop a healthy relationship
  • Will have a greater capacity to strengthen, repair and nurture positive relationships
  • Will have greater skills in self-care
  • Will have greater knowledge of resources and information, and how to access appropriate services in the local community