Family Services Illawarra Limited today announced its merger with Nowra Family Support Services Incorporated, to build integrated community services in the Shoalhaven, from Nowra to Milton Ulladulla.

Increasing its staff to 65 FSIL is expanding its client reach to address unmet local needs for children, young people and families who are experiencing trauma in their lives.

In bringing the Nowra, Milton-Ulladulla and Illawarra teams together from 1st July 2018 all staff of Nowra Family Support Service were offered new contracts, with increased hours planned in some cases. Additional Child Youth and Family Support services are planned from July and existing programs in 2018 for Milton-Ulladulla will be supported.

Moving forward group work programs will be confirmed in advance each year on an annual event calendar and published for our local communities in the Illawarra, Nowra and Milton-Ulladulla from 2019. The selection of programs currently offered are not limited to Bringing Up Great Kids, Seasons for Growth, Balancing the See Saw, Positive Parenting Programs, 123 Magic, while other Illawarra program options can also be considered such as Park and Play (see us on Facebook), Lets Play Lets Eat, Tuning into Teens and Healthy Relationship Group.

Rev Dr Matthew Wilson, the Acting President of the Nowra Family Support Service Management Committee said, “We are thrilled to announce that local community needs in the Shoalhaven region will continue to be met, as a result of the additional support, resources and therapeutic staff capacity of Family Services Illawarra.

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FSIL NFSS Merger_020718